1. What's the cost of the system?

Answer: Zero, we will never charge any money for our system! We accept donations but just from thankful people, and not as a cost.

2. Is this anyhow illegal?

Answer: No, not at all. You will be simply playing Blackjack as anybody else. The only difference is that you will be playing perfectly.

3. Can the casino forbid me from playing?

Answer: Yes, and that’s why we shouldn’t play more than 20 minutes per day in each casino. This way we will keep hidden.

4. In case I’m forbidden from playing, I will loose my funds?

Answer: No! Casinos are very important brands, and they are seriously controlled by governments, this way everything you deposit and win you your, and even if they don’t let you play anymore, you will get all your money.

5. Your guide is safe? Does it have any virus?

Answer: No, our software in totally safe and it only does what it is supposed to do – play perfectly.

6. I don’t know how to play Blackjack, can I use this System?

Answer: Yes, this system was created to be used by anyone, since you will get every single step to make money with Blackjack.

6. Why is it free?

Answer: The system works and it’s free simply because if it was sold, the casinos would easily ask a way to close the website. Since we don’t charge for money, we are considered simply a “school” of Blackjack, and they can’t do anything about it. This way, our target is to spread it in a controlled way, so people can safely make money, and later as we said before, we accept donations for our successful followers.



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August 07, 2012

John F. - Manchester

Not much to say, just check my playing guides.

September 12, 2012


I've deposited 100€ in Europa Cas and guess what? I'm on the 1000+ in only 10 days.... Sending the vid soon!

January 20, 2013

M. S.

Well, the system works, no doubt! My only concern was the withdraw. It took 3 days to get the money on my bank account. I've received 600€. My deposit was of 100€, and wanted to take no risks, for that I perfered to withdraw as soon as possible. Now I will deposit again. How do the casinos don't prevent this?

February 01, 2013

Petr Simonn

I don't get it!!!Do the casinos makes this much money so they can allow people to win with them? I'm withdrawing everyday to be sure my money will ever be stucked. I'm making 50€ per day, and already got 800€ in my bank account. GOoooooOOOOD

December 07, 2012

Mika Yzkiel

Working fine here! Today I've open 3 more accounts to be able to play more time! I’ve made 3100€ in one week with a betfair where I already had an account.. After this, they send me my money, and asked me to don’t play again with them, winners are not welcome! I got greedy, and that’s why they closed my account. My plan is to make 200€ per casino per day .... good money and I don’t thnink I will be detected again.:)) I just don’t understand how this is posible, Fbi or CIA or interpool ot wootver don’t close this.

October 10, 2012

Michael Baltar

5000£ and counting.......wathc my video :))

November 15, 2012

Ekatarina Lavrik

I've deposited 10€ and lost all in only 10 minutes. Obviously it was a mistake such a low deposit, but I was worried. Anyway, I will try again, and deposit 150£ this time, since I'm really confident now! Which is the absolut best casino?

November 09, 2012


G E N I O U S B A S T E R D $$$$$$$$$

March 19, 2012

BLue Blue Blue

Like like like like like and LIKE IT! Is it ok to share with my friends? Is there a limit per users? Can I open accounts in my family name?

March 21, 2012

C.S. - London

In the city club casino, i've made everything rith, except the time!!! but I've learned that to be successfull, I can't chnge anything of the system. Now I have a watch to count the time of playing on my desktop!
In Europa i've made £57 yeatarday and £97 today.
In Betfair £103 yeastarday and £100 today
Unibet UK rise £99 yeast, and today i've made £45 (finished with a winning hand)
Im going well, but sometimes I get a chilly belly because of the 20£ or more bets.
I've made a video, will send tomorrow

May 15, 2013

Claudio S. - England

when should I withdraw the profits?
I've registered and made £100 in each one only with +/-15 min.
how can I donate to you?
All the help is welcome.
Ps: in Cityclub i've lost 60 but today I'm already on £599.50. (+160 today)
A big thanks
Claudio Silva

May 28, 2013

ManunitedPassion. - Manchester

deposited in two casinos (Betfair e Europa). 100£ in each. in europa im winning only 100€ in one week, but on betfair i'm already +354€!
Withdraw all profits, and I will open 2 more accounts to play more time.
This is awsome, but be careful, don't get too excisted. I alway play calm and with no distractions